127# Moving Averege with Fractal Trading System

Submit by Ozzy Trader 20/03/2012


This is a basic system that require a break of a fractal for trend direction entries and exits are based when moving average touches 3 SMA Low for buys and 3 SMA High for shorts.

Time Frame 5 or higher.

Currency Pairs:any.



SMA 3 High (simple moving average);

SMA3 Low simple moving average);

Jma Starlight 100 or (100EMA);

MACD with EMA (10,20,1,7)




 Up Fractal taken out (Broken)

Buy when Price touches 3 SMA Low

Exit when price touches 3 SMA High



 Down Fractal Taken out (Broken)

Sell when Price touches 3 SMA High (Sell Limit at 3 SMA High)

Exit When Price Touches 3 SMA Low (Buy Limit at 3 SMA Low)




100 JMA and MACD with EMA.

Only take buy trades when prices are above 100 JMA Starlightl and MACD>EMA. Reverse for Shorts


Stop Loss:

TF 5 min:5 pips above or below SMA;

TF 15 min: 10 pips above or below SMA;

TF 30 min: 12 pips above or below SMA;

TF 60 min: 15 pips above or below SMA;

TF 240 min 20-25 pips above or below SMA;

TF 1440 min 30-40 pips above or below SMA.

For Tradind intraday:(Start Trading 9:00 GMT Stop Trading 22:00 GMT)



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