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45# CCI and EMA Trading System

Submit by janus trader 04/04/2011



Time Frame: 1H, 4H


Time Frame: 30 min and higher 
Pairs: Any 

Used Trading Indicators:

Enter long if 
8EMA crosses 26 EMA from below and CCI crosses back above 0. 
Enter short if 
8EMA crosses 26 EMA from above and CCI crosses back below 0. 
Stop Loss:
For long trades: Initial stop loss is placed 5 pips below . entry bar.
For short trades: Initial stop loss is placed 1 pips above entry bar.
Recommended aggressive profit target or exit position on supporte or resistance.



In the pictures below CCI and EMA Tradin Systemin action.


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    Mark Heading (Tuesday, 25 August 2020 07:41)

    Is anyone trading with this system at all? With success?

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