9# 5 minute Ema intraday Trading System

Submitted by janus trader 23/03/2011



1)5 min candle chart - EUR$, GBP$, JPY$ & EURJPY pairs.

2)Put a 10 & 21 EMA & 50 SMA and ADX (14) on each chart.

3)SMAangle & 21 EMA based on first indicator data on this indicator.

Example chart:




1 Wait for the 50SMA angle to be more that 20 degree (subjective – no accurate


2 Wait for 21EMA on SMAangle indicator to cross the 0.1 or -0.1/0.15 or -0.15 line.

2.1 The area between the 0.1 and -0.1 lines is called the no-trade zone.

2.2 No trades to be taken if 21MA is in the no-trade zone.

3 Wait for price to pull back through 10EMA to 21EMA (area between 10MA & 21MA is called the fire or war zone)

4 Optional – SMAangle bars to be higher or lower than 0.2 or -0.2 line

Example of chart:


3.1 Draw a small trend line from the:

3.1.1 Last High or Low before the cross of the 51MA

3.1.2 Next high/s or low/s to form a small trend line

3.2 Ensure that the price and candles stay within the small trend line

3.2.1 Any break-out cancels the set-up/possible trades

3.3 Specific manner of pullback of candles towards war zone:

3.3.1 Smooth and flat pullback of candles – no steep pullback or big candles

3.3.2 Smooth rounding of top/bottom (wave-like pullbacks) – no sharp V shape change of direction

3.3.3 Ascending of descending triangle being formed between resistance/support level and

small trend line drawn

3.4 Identify the first candle to enter the war zone towards 21MA

3.4 Wait for second/more candle to pull back from 21MA towards 10MA

3.5 Enter the trade on the pullback a few pips away from the 21MA




4.Use a market order to enter within the war zone as specify

4.2 Put Stop Loss 6+spread pips away

4.3 Move stop loss to breakeven after a clean 6 pips gain/profit (brokerage/spread included

4.4 No Trailing Stop Loss

4.5 Put/activate profit limit on 10-15 pips

4.6 There are plenty of chances to get in a trade:

4.6.1 Don’t try to trade every signal that might work

4.6.2 Wait for the good setup to occur

4.6.3 Wait for the High probability ones

4.6.4 Rather miss an opportunity than to get involve in a bad/wrong set-up




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