38# Bunny Girl Trading System

Chart Setup

· 30 minutecandlestick

· WMA 5

· WMA 20

· WMA 100


Go Long

· WMA5 Crosses above WMA20

· WMA5 and WMA20 above WMA100

· RSI signals divergence or is above 50

Go Short

· WMA5 Crosses below WMA20

WMA5 and WMA20 below WMA100

· RSI signals divergence or is below 50


· Use a filter to eliminate frequent stops and catch the trend at the right time

· EURUSD: 25 points plus the bid/ask spread

· Other recommended pairs: 30 points plus the bid/ask spread

· These filters can and do change

· Cancel the trade if the filter price has not been reached before 5 minutes remaining on

the 30 minute bar.

· Filters on other pairs can be determined (see "Advanced Topics")


· If bull cross, place a buy stop order at the filter+spread.

· If a bear cross, place a sell stop order at the filter+spread.

· When the filter price is reached and the order engaged,

place a stop loss at about the original crossing. (Can go

as much as pips away on the other side of the crossing.)

Stop Loss

· 5 pips beyond the cross (or bounce) price

Trading Around Daily Open

· Daily Open = open price at 00:00 GMT

· Make sure there is room enough for profit targets between filter (entry) price and daily open

· If the cross is on one side of the daily open and the filter is on the other, than this is OK to trade



· Trade multiple lots – 3 to 4.

· "Peel" out of trades. Liquidate lots as you go to lock in profits. For example, open trade with 3 lots. At first target, close 1 lot. Close another lot at second target, and the last one at the third target.

Exit Options

BunnyGirl's primary challenge was not entering, but exiting, the market. She openly sought advice for ways to exit the market such that she could maximize her trading profit. As a result, many exit strategies were devised and tested for and by BunnyGirl. There was no resolution.

However, the following is from one of the final posts on exits that she described (a524).

1. Trade 4 lots

2. Close the 1st lot at 10-30 pips profit, depending on the speed of the move.

3. Move a stop loss for the remaining lots to the breakeven point.

4. Close the 2nd lot at 30-50 pips.

5. Move a stop loss for the remaining lots to breakeven +10.

6. Close the 3rd lot at 50-100+ pips.

7. On the 4th lot, trail using the extreme of the previous bar, or the halfway point of the previous bar if it's longer than the average bar.

Additionally, BunnyGirl commented:

"Quite often I'll take half out at 10 - 30 pips and then trail with 3rd & 4th lot."

Also, in the case of a slow moving market :

"The first time I move stop is usually to b/e. The exception to this is if the trade is taking a long time to move and the market is flat. If I have entered and the market has not moved for some hours I will move down to a 5 mins bar to take a quicker exit rather than let it hit the initial stop."

For further information please read the attached pdf.

Trading System BGX_Original
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WMA5 bounces off

WMA 20 and heads up


WMA5 bounces off

WMA 100 and heads



Price bounces off of

Daily open, then heads



Prices bounces off of

WMA 100 then heads

sharply down. (see RSI)


Trading dengan Strategi BGX Sistem


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Trading dengan Strategi BGX Sistem
Cara trading disini menggunakan strategi BGX sytem untuk menentukan Open position dan exit .

Mata uang uang disarankan GBP/USD, EUR/USD, USD/CHF, EUR/JPY (pilih salah satu saja). Waktu trading pada saat US open (19.00 WIB) atau Europe Open (14.00 WIB)

Indikator yang digunakan
1. Time frame grafik 30 menit Candle Stick atau Bar
2. Garis WMA 5 (warna biru) WMA 20 (Oranye) dan WMA 100 (hijau)
3. Indikator RSI 14 (default)

Untuk mensetup Indikator BGX Sistem di Platform Marketiva, setelah login melalui Streamster Anda bisa langsung mensetup indicator-indikator diatas dengan cara seperti ini:

1. Time frame 30 menit dan Candle Stick atau Bar 
Klik kanan pada bagian bidang yang menampilkan grafik (charting)Akan muncul beberapa pilihan (options). Pilihlah “Timescale” Lalu klik “30 minutes“ (30 menit) maka data grafik akan memunculkan data harga (Open, High, Low, Close) setiap 30 menit. Klik kanan lagi bidang grafik pilih “Style”. Lalu klik "Candlesticks" atau "Bar Chart" (terserah Anda). Gambar grafik akan berubah sesuai pilihan Anda


2. WMA 5 (Biru) dan WMA 20 (Oranye) WMA 100 (Hijau)

Klik kanan bidang grafik, maka akan muncul options. Pilih “Indicators” setelah itu pilih "Moving Average". Muncul Tab Pilihan; pada kolom "Type" pilih "Weighted"(WMA=Weightening Moving Average). Ubahlah angka default kolom "Period" menjadi "5" lalu klik “Line Color" kotak warnanya pilih warna “Biru”. Klik "OK". Anda sekarang memiliki garis WMA 5 warna Biru. Lakukan hal yang sama untuk membuat garis WMA 20 warna oranye dan garis WMA 100 warna hijau.
Bila sudah Anda lakukan, maka Anda sekarang memiliki 3 garis WMA yaitu WMA 5 (biru), WMA 20 (Oranye) dan WMA 100 (hijau) pada grafik harga Anda.

3. Indikator RSI 14

Klik kanan bidang grafik, akan muncul options. Pilih “Indicators” setelah itu pilih "Relative Strenght Index (RSI)" . Isi kolom "periode" dengan 14

4. Cobalah “Save” settingan Anda ini sehingga Anda tidak perlu mengatur setting-annya setiap kali login. 

Untuk Men-“save” Klik kanan Bidang Grafik kemudian pilih “Save Chart “ Isi Nama file sesuai selera Anda mis; “BGX System” setelah itu klik "OK". Settingan Anda sudah tersave aman.

Untuk menghapus, mengedit mengatur dsb Anda bisa lakukan dengan cara yang sama. Tinggal klik Kanan bidang grafik (Charting).

Aplikasi BGX System

WMA 5 (biru) untuk mengikuti harga market.
WMA 20 (oranye) untuk konfirmasi entry (OP)
WMA 100 (hijau) untuk identifikasi trend harian

Bersiap Ambil Posisi “Buy” Bila:

WMA 5 mengcross WMA 20 dari bawah ke atas
WMA 5 dan WMA 20 berada di atas WMA 100
RSI berada di atas point 50 (garis tengah)
Entry (OP) saat harga 30 pip di atas harga cross WMA 5 dan WMA 20

Bersiap Ambil Posisi “Sell” Bila:

WMA 5 mengcross WMA 20 dari atas ke bawah
WMA 5 dan WMA 20 berada di bawah WMA 100
RSI berada di bawah point 50. Entry (OP) saat harga 30 pip di bawah harga cross WMA 5 dan WMA 20

Target point 30 pip dan stop loss minus 5 dari persilangan (cross) WMA 5 dan WMA 20

Contoh Trading :

Bila suatu saat WMA 5 mengcross WMA 20 dari atas ke bawah pada titik harga 1.2530 serta RSI menunjukan posisi di atas garis tengah (50). Bersiaplah mengambil posisi “BUY” pada saat harga 30 pip di atas harga cross (1.2530 + 0.0030 (30 pip)) yaitu di 1.2560. Lalu pasang stop loss minus 5 pip di bawah garis cross (1.2530 – 0.0005) yaitu di 1.2525.

Untuk mengetahu strategy BGX system yang lebih lengkap atau strategi lainnya bisa dilihat pada ebook atau di 



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