15# FX10 Trading System

MACD Histogram, RSI, Stochastic and Moving Averages


5 minute Chart Set-up

Description: An intra day trend following trading method, using the following indicators:

• 10 period WMA (Weighted Moving Average)

• 20 period SMA (Simple Moving Average)

• Slow Stochastic (10,6,6 (exponential))

 RSI (28)

• MACD (24/52/18 (exponential))

Rules: Only take trades between 8AM-12PM EST and/or 2AM-4AM EST. Why? click here...

BUY the exchange rate when the 10 WMA crosses up past the 20 SMA and the Stochasticis signaling up (fast line above the slow line), RSI > 50 and the MACD histogram >0 andMACD

averages crossed up.

SELL the exchange rate when the 10 WMA crosses down past the 20 SMA and the Stochastic is signaling down (fast line below slow line), RSI<50 and the MACD histogram <0 and MACD averages crossed down.


Try and take profits at or near key levels: Try and take profits at exchange rates

ending with 00, 20, 50, 80 e.g. EUR/USD 1.1980

Stop-Loss Level: discretionary

Screen shots:

EUR/USD Buy signal and Sell signal [below]


In the pictures below FX10 Trading System in action.

15 Minute Chart Set-up

To set this method up with 10 minute charts, simply use the same rules above, but change

the indicator values to the following:

• 5 period WMA (Weighted Moving Average)

• 10 period SMA (Simple Moving Average)

• Slow Stochastic (5,3,3 (exponential))

• RSI (14)

• MACD (12/26/9 (exponential))


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