315# 15 min Trading Method

SHI Channel trading system

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Time Frame 15min:

Currency pairs:any;


Metatrader Indicator:

Perky asctrend;


MTF Psar;

SHI Channel Fast;

SHI Channel Force;


Demark indicator;

EJ Candle.

  1. After unzipping files to your temporary folder, Copy and Install the indicators in the same manner as shown in the photo file.

  2. Set up the template on to your 15 minute window, to also look like the photo. (You may have to close and re-open Metatrader)


The Trade


  1. Keep an eye on the large SHI channel for trend

  2. Use the small SHI channel trend and the Demark trend lines for the immediate direction of the trend

  3. Snakeforce, Laguerre and Trendstrength indicate whether to do a buy or sell order

  4. Perky indicator helps confirm in assisting the trend in conjunction with the fast channel indicator

  5. The candle time indicator determines where you are in terms of the 15 min candle

  6. The Psar indicator helps you decide on moving your Stop in order to manage your trade



Use channels in your 4 Hour chart for an overall trend direction


15min Trading Method

15 min trading method
15 min trading method


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15min Trading Method
15min Trading Method: This file rar include all indicators and Template. Happy Trading!
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15 min trading system