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MTF indicators how filter for forex system


Janus Trader 09/06/2013


This scalping system is based on indicators MTF, which filter trade signals, but also I add dots Brain Trend to build a better filter system.

Currency pairs:major



Metatrader indicators:

Exponential Moving Average (8 period applied to close);

Exponential Moving Average (8 period applied to open);

Exponential Moving Average (5 period applied to close);

Trend M5 M15;


Signal M15;

Signal H1;


Currency Meter;

Brain Trend;

MACD 5,8,1;

Strong Indicator.


Rules Strong Scalping system modified

Trade only in the Direction of the trend.

We use timeframe 15 Minutes with confirmation of the 1 Hour timeframe!

Buy Signal:

1. First Look at Trendsignal, we need Up Strong and Buy Strong.

Confirmation of the Parabolic_sar_mtf. The parabolic signal

must be under the candles for a buy signal.

Confirmation of Brain Trend. The Brain Trend

must be under the candles for a buy signal.

The 8 ema has crossed the 21 ema, then you see that the 21

ema is turning from red to blue colour. You will also get signal

alerts for this and also you will see arrows on screen.

Confirmation of the 1 hour timeframe. Blue is uptrend and red

is downtrend.

This photo shows that your are in the wright trend.



But this one is showing not a good signal for a buy trend. Check

this photo here under!



You see here the first colour is blue for the 15 minutes

timeframe and you see other ones are red, that is the trend of

the one hour timeframe. So the colours dont match so dont


Left up corner you see the signal MJ. You have to see that it

says Major Trend UP.


Exit Position:

Stop loss on tje previous swing.

Profit Target 8-12 pips.

In the pictures Strong Scalping modified forex system in action.

Trading system:Indicators
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Strong Scalping System
Strong Scalping System
Stromng Scalpin System
Stromng Scalpin System

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