415# Ma Crossover signal Scalping System

Ma Crossover Signal

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Ma Crossover signal is a scalping system intrady trend following.

Open any currency pair’s chart, 15M or 30M or 1H time frame.



This system works mainly with EUR/USD during US ( Blue Block on chart ) and Asian ( Green Block on chart ) sessions. 

Metatrader indicators:

Ma Crossover signal,


Maket Watch,

Money line indicator or I-Cai.


During this time we will be looking for buy/sell signals according to the trading rules that will be explained in detail.

Working hours indicator is included to help you to know the correct working hours as shown in the screen shot above.


You can change the working hours from the indicator’s settings according your broker’s server time. Simply contact your broker and ask the support team about their GMT offset if you can’t know it from Metatrader’s Market Watch. 

Sell Signal :

1 – Red Arrow

2 – Red Bar


BUY Signal…

1 – Blue Arrow

2 – Blue Bar


Exit position

Trailing – moving – stop loss, is another way to protect your profits. For example, with scalping systems like Forex loophole you can use a normal target according to support/resistance levels or pivots or Fibonacci or any other method. And at the same time set a trailing stop of scalping nature. Like, 5 – 10 pips.

This will help to maximize your profits and protect your trade.

Target is from 5 to 10 pips , Stop loss is from 30 to 50 pips.


Make sure that your broker allows scalping before using this system. 

Ma Crossover signal Scalping System templete and indicators

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Ma Crossover signal Scalping System
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