335# MACD Reversal Scalping System

4MACD Scalping System

Submit by Adri 13/05/2013


This Scalping reversal system is based on the 4MACD indicator.

I write the setting for this currency pairs: USD/CHF, GBP/USD, EUR/USD, AUD/USD.

Time Frame 15 min.

Forex Indicator:

MACD indicator (17,7,5);

2° MACD indicator (5 ,13,5);

3° MACD indicator (17,14,5);

4° MACD indicator (12,18,4);

Arrow indicator (CCI arrow indicator, 21) ;

Bollinger bands indicator (22, 2).


Draw in the MACD indicator, two horizzontal line.


When the histogram MACD green bars breaks downward the horizzontal green line, entry at the first buy arrow.


When the histogram MACD red bars breaks upward the horizzontal red line, entry at the first sell arrow.


Exit Position

At opposite arrow or at the middle band of the bollinger bands indicator.

Stop loss

Place Stop loss on the previous swing.


Horizontal line levels on 4MACD indicator

USD/CHF (0.00060; -0.00060);

GBP/USD EUR/USD AUD/USD (0.00080- (0.00080).


MACD Reversal Scapling System

MACD reversal Scalping System
MACD reversal Scalping System
MACD reversal Scalping System
MACD reversal Scalping System


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MACD Reversal Scapling System
Trading System: MACD Reversal Scapling System share by Adri. Yhis scalping system is not for beginners.
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Scalping Reversal System