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443# Heiken Ashi Kuskus Scalping

Heiken Ashi Intraday System

Submit by Tommy 22/09/2014

Heiken Ashi Kuskus Scalping is an intraday system very profitable. This strategy is trend following.

Time Frame 15min.

Currency pairs: majors, and indicies.

Sessions London and New York.

Metatrader Indicators:

Heiken Ashi Kuskus (1, 15);

Bollinger Bands stop (20, 2, 1,);

Exponential moving average (50, close);

Pivots Levels;

Exponential moving average (120, close);

Dolly trading time

Moving Average Standard deviation (20, 20);

Kuskus Starligh V.2;

Note all these metatrader indicators are optimized for metatrader 4 600.

Rules Heiken Ashi Kuskus Scalping


Price above moving averages;

BBstop color blue,

heiken ashi blue,

starlight blue,

moving average standard deviation blue dot.


Price below moving averages;

BBstop color red,

heiken ashi red,

starlight red,

moving average standard deviation red dot.

Exit position

Profit target 15-20 pips or exit at the pivot levels.

Ibitial Stop loss 20 pips.

The advantage of this trading system is the good ratio profit/loss.

In the pictures Heiken Ashi Kuskus Scalping.

Heiken Ashi Kuskus Scalping.
Heiken Ashi Kuskus Scalping.
Heiken Ashi Kuskus Scalping
Heiken Ashi Kuskus Scalping

Heiken Ashi

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Heiken Ashi Kuskus Scalping
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