333# Snake Trading System

Scalping With Snake Force Indicator

Submit and written by Ricky Foeh Kupang (forex professional trader and trainer  rickyfoeh888@gmail.com)10/05/2013


This Trading System can be user for all Currency Pairs . But Betterr use in the time frame 30 min for inttraday trading. It 's a best trading method that i have used all this time please contct me.



XPS V.8 clock;

XPS V.8 Price;

Fisher indicator;

GMACD Signals indicator;

Snake indicator;

Snake Force indicator;

T3 Clean indicator;




Trend UP, Blue Arrow, Blue line arrow, Snake indicator Blue, Fisher Blue.



Trend down,Red Arrow, Red line arrow, Snake indicator Red, Fisher Red.



In the picture below Snake Trading System in action.

Snake Trading System
Snake Trading System


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Snake Trading System

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