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AFStar Intraday Forex Strategy


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AFStar Indicator


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AFStar Indicator
AFStar Indicator



It’s a kind of a popular arrow indicator with Buy-Sell arrows. Arrows are small and

accurate and do not clutter the chart. Their color is also adjustable in the settings.

It is considered as universal, but please check different pairs and timeframes to find

the optimal terms as they may significantly vary. For instance, here is an example of

good signals on USDJPY, M5: 1

You may need extra indicators for confirmation. It also doesn’t give exit points, so

don’t forget about Stop Loss and Take Profit values.


AFStar Intraday Forex Strategy

Time Frame 30 min.

Currency pairs: majors (example: EUR/USD, GBP/USD, AUD/USD, USD/CHF, USD/CAD, GBP/JPY, EUR/JPY, AUD/NZD).


Metatrader Indicators

AFSTar Indicator ( default setting);

RD Pivot- lines;

Support- resistance 4H;

Divergence Petraus (29),

Corridor RSX (21,5, 05);

T3 2 color histogram (2).



AFStar Forex System rules

Long entry

Price touches or is below line D1 Support C , is between D1-H4 support C or below H4 support C.


Buy arrow AFStar indicator ;

RSI Petraus black line positive divergence

RSX green color.;

T3 2 color histogram dodger blue bar


Short entry

Price touches or is above line D1 resistance  , is between D1-H4 resistance  or above H4 resistance .

Sell arrow AFStar indicator ;

RSI Petraus black line negative divergence

RSX red color.;

T3 2 color histogram dodger red bar.



Exit position at the pivot levels or profit target predetermined.

Initial stop loss at previous swing.



In the pictures ASFStar in action.

ASFStar forex system
ASFStar forex system
s ASFStar  Forex system
s ASFStar Forex system

AF Star System

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ASFStar Intraday forex system
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