420# Gann sq 9 price Trading System

Gann Sq9 trading


Submit by Mike Trader 20/03/2014


Gann SQ9 is an trading system based on the Gann grid.

Currency pairs:EUR/USD, AUD/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CHF.


Time Frame 15 min

Metatrader Indicators:

Gann SQ9 price,

Zwin signal,

Leledec indicator,

Power price action,

PFB direction.

Select important swing high or low. If the market goes UP select 
important swing low, enter the number, i.e., 86.15, change the value under
"Direction_Up" to true as shown.

If the market goes down select important swing high and change
"Direction_Up" value to false.
Here is how you can trade with this:
First pay attention to Gann SQ9 lines,
Second look for ZWIN if it gives signal on or near any of those
lines, it is then very possible

Third make sure PowerPriceAction2 and PBF_PB are on the same track.
For example, for going "Long", look for PowerPriceAction2
to have green bar and look for PBF_PB to have blue bar.
The possibility is staggering up.

Fourth, master key is, Tma Slope nrp.. with aqua color
(show potential up and red down) it doesn't matter
if it is under or below zero line. It is, however, better if the signal
is given above zero line.

In the picture Gann Sq9 price system in action.

 Gann sq 9 price Trading System
Gann sq 9 price Trading System


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