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320# EMAPredictive 2 Scalping System

EMA Predictive Trading System

Submit by Joy22 17/04/2012


Time Frame 15 min or 30min.

Currency pairs: any.


EMAPredictive 2 Scalping System indicators:

EMA Predictive fast red line (20, 8, 1,);

EMA Prdictive slow green line (30, 10, 1,);

RSI (11);

Stochastic (14,3,3,)

LC Pivot levels


Scalping with Ema Predictive

EMA Predictive Trading System rules


EMA Predictive fast>EMA Predictive slow:

RSI is above the level 50 line, and

Stochastic >50;



EMA Predictive fast<EMA Predictive slow;

RSI is below the level 50 line, and




Exit position options

  1. on the pivot levels;

  2. Profit Target 8-15 pip 15 min Time Frame, 12-18 pips 30 min Time Frame.




In the pictures below EMA Predictive 2 Scalping System in action.

Scalping with Ema Predictive
Scalping with Ema Predictive
Scalping with Ema Predictive
Trading System with Ema Predictive. Ema predictive is an indicator very strong!! For forex strategies tren following.
Scalping with Ema Predictive.rar
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Scalping with Ema Predictive
Scalping with Ema Predictive


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    Ota (Tuesday, 29 May 2018 16:22)

    Excellent system, patience pays off with this one. Thank you!