421# Zero Lag Stochastic Scalping

Zero La Stochastic indicator


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Zero Lag stochastic scalping is a trend momentum-strategy.

Now at the top go back using your back arrow and open

the "experts" file then open the "indicators" file.

, “Zerolagstochs_B.ex4” your “Emacrossover.ex4 and trend exe ” indicator files into that folder the same way you put the template file into the template folder. Exit everything, open your trading platform on your desktop. Open a 5 minute eur/usd chart and right click anywhere on the chart or click on the templates icon at the top

and then left click on the "Zero Lag Stochastic indicator " template and you should be ready to go on that chart.


Time frame 5 min.

Currency pairs: EUR/USD, GBP/USD, AUD/USD

Trading Sessions London And NewYork ( Best NewYork).



I recommend a 10 pip s/l and 10 pip t/p for this strategy but you can

make changes to the script especially the lot size by right clicking on the

BUY” or “SELL” script in your navigation window and left clicking on

modify. Then you can change the lots size that you want to trade. It is set

at 0.1 which is 1 mini lot $1. per pip. You can change this to 0.2 or more

accordingly or if you feel you want to trade a standard contract as I do 1.0

You can also change the t/p and/or s/l which I don't really recommend.

Also the script is set for 4 digit brokers. If you have a 5 digit broker, you

need to add a 0 on each setting. Then before you exit, press the f7 key at

the top of your computer and if everything is good to go you will see no

errors. NOTE: Always check that the script is doing the right thing on a

demo account before using it live. This can save you some heartaches.



Blue arrow;

Trend indicator blue bar,

Zero Lag Stochastic black line above white dot line.



Red arrow;

Trend indicator red bar,

Zero Lag Stochastic black line below white dot line.



The script is:hidden Stop loss and Target profit

Zero Lag Stochastic Scalping
Zero Lag Stochastic Scalping


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    kresh (Sunday, 17 April 2016 16:04)


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    Mark (Monday, 31 March 2014 08:40)

    Do I have to wait closing candle to enter a trade?


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