774# RSX Based Strategy

No Repainting Strategy

RSX, QQE and Ehlers' Fisher Trasform strategy filtered by moving averages

RSX based strategy is a trend momentum trading  system 
TDI rsx based strategy based on Ehlers Fisher transform 2.5 and alb qqe2.02 indicators
filtrered by median moving averages.
Time frame H1 or higher. Currency Pairs Majors and Minors.
Metatrader 4  Indicators
alb_qqe2.02_advanced_alertsarrows_nmc swing count 3, speed 1.2.
TDI rsx based - smoothed & alerts + lines + divergence nmc 2 period.
Ehlers Fisher transform 2.5(alerts) 8 period median.
Simple moving average 11 period median price,
Simple moving average 21 period median price,
Simple moving average 50 period median price,

Trading rules  RSX Based  Strategy
To Trade only in the direction of the trend.
Up Trend= MA11 >MA21 and MA50
Down trend MA11 <MA21 and MA50
Flat up trend MA11<MA21 and MA 50<MA11
Flat down trend MA11>MA21 and MA 50>MA11

Up Trend= MA11 >MA21 and MA50.
TDI rsx based crosses upward, line green color.
Ehlers Fisher transform blue bar.
alb_qqe2.02 green color.

Downp Trend= MA11 >MA21 and MA50.
TDI rsx based crosses downward, line green color.
Ehlers Fisher transform red bar.
alb_qqe2.02 red color.
Stop loss above SMA 21 period.

Exit position
Stop loss below/below SMA 21 period.
Profit 4H 20-40 pips, daily 50- 200 pips
For an aggressive approach you can use simple moving averages 6-21 (optional).
In the pictures  RSX Based  Strategy strategy in action.
RSX Based  Strategy
RSX Based Strategy
RSX Based  Strategy
RSX Based Strategy
RSX Based  Strategy
RSX Based Strategy
RSX Based  Strategy
RSX Based Strategy
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RSX based strategy
RSX based strategy
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