352# Moving Average Dynamic Envelope Trading System

Dynamic Envelope


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Determinate the current term trend if Price is > yellow line trend is up,

if the price is < yellow line the trend is down.

Trade only with the trend.


Time Frame: H1

Currency pair:any.



Moving Average Dynamic Envelope; (60, 1, 96, 2), (60, 1, 96, 3),(60, 1, 96, 4), (60, 1, 96, 6);

Moving Average:EMA 14

TMA Freeway;


Non lag ma (25 ptc filter 0.5);

Ssl Bar 3 (TF 240);


Long Entry:

Price above yellow line, Non lag Ma green, SSL Bar green, HA royal blue.

Short Entry:

Price below yellow line Non lag Ma red, SSL Bar red, HA red.

Exit position:

1. when Non Lag Ma change colour.

  1. Exit position for buy at the first band above the current price, for sell at the first band below the current price (this option is very recommendend).

    Stop loss below or above the previous swing and predetermined target profit with ratio 1,2 stop loss.

In the picture Moving Average Dynamic Envelope forex system in action.

Moving Average Dynamic Envelope Trend Strategy

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