200# Quantum FX Trading System

Trading with MadroGolden filter indicator

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Indicators used:


Pivot Points on MultitimeFrame

MadroGolden Filter indicator (the bottom indicator)

Status Monitor V1.2 (the info indicator on the bottom)



PriceChannelStop v1 (cyan or magenta line above or below price)





This method has been extremely effective for my firm’s corporate trading style as well as

my own personal trading on the 15M and 30M charts. However, you can use this method

on any timeframe. Remember, as a general rule of thumb, if you are trading for example 

the 30M chart, you always want to check the 1H and 4H charts and identify the longer

term trend. Do not take signal on the 30M chart against the longer term trend in order to

minimize drawdown and increase consistency.

Buy Trades:

1). Blue arrow up on the Madro Golden Filter Indicator at the bottom (it only shows after

the close of the candle)

2). Minimum of (3) indicators of the Madro Golden Filter must be blue (best if four for

confirmation of entry). If one of these four (arrow, little cross, little square, and “x”

square) is red, then there is NO entry.

3). The actual candle must be GREEN

4). FXSniper LSMA must be green.

5). PriceChannelStop v1 must be cyan color and below the candlestick.

6). Use the Fibonacci retracement and pivot lines for more judgment. If you are not

familiar with pivot points, then I suggest you read the additional pivot points summary

information included in this package as a complimentary so that you can use discretion

regarding scenarios of buy signals being created in combination with price’s proximity to

pivot areas.



Sell Trades:

1). Red arrow down on the Madro Golden Filter indicator

2). Minimum of (3) indicators of the Madro Golden Filter indicator must be red. If any are blue,

then NO Entry.

3). The actual candle must be RED

4). FXSniper_LSMA should be red.

5). PriceChannelStop v1 must be magenta color and above the candlestick.

6). Use fibonnaci and pivot lines as mentioned above.

Stop Loss:

There are many different ways you can use the SL, depending on your personal taste.

There are no fixed rules with this system.

One method to use is to set the SL below the low of the last 3-4 candles, but not more

than 25-30 pips for the slow pairs such as (EUR/USD) and 35-40 pips for the volatile

pairs (GBP/USD, EUR/JPY, etc.)


TP & Exits:

The safest TP is the next Pivot Line minus the spread (example: entry long close to Pivot

= Target at R1 line – spread)

Exit as soon as either noe of any of the indicators begins to change color. Also, you may

want to move your SL to safe position if that happens to try to stay in the trade, or close half your position and ride the trade for more profit. This is all based on your personal tastes.

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