13# The TrandSetter, Channel Drawing Filter (15min) Trading System

Channel Trading

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This part is probably more significant for the the Episode II more than the Episode III.

This is the introduction of using moving averages in SRDC method. To us, Moving

averages are simply support and resistence. The right period of MA can be a good

trendsetter. There are many that we use, but to keep it simple, we use the 84SMA.

The 84SMA is actually what we use to draw channel. The start and the ending of a

channel is determined by the position of the opening candle (00:00GMT) to the 84SMA.



Trend is UP when Candle > 84SMA and Trend is Down when Candle is < 84SMA.

A trade can be initiated using this trendsetter. You might lose some good trade, but you

will find out, you will ultimatelly filter many BAD trades. Use your discreation and the

channel to decide the direction of your trade.

Channel is drawn from the last trend to the current trend. Always include the last trend

unless the trend continues more than 3 days.


In the picture theTRendSetter, Channel Drawin Filter (15min) forex system in action.

Can you enter a trade on both directions?

Yes, sure you can. But the box better be at the median of the channel. A more bias to the

direction of the trendsetter will be use to take more profit.

Trading the news? From my experience, when im in a trade, I always move my SL to

breakeven 1min before the announcement. But, when you are not in a trade, just




Well, the 1 million dollar question. Where is the best stoploss?

There are 3 ways to set your SL.

The box size. This will cover any whipsaw but when box gets to big, it may even scare

my neighbour’s Lion.

This is GBPUSD right? So, 50pips should be safe.

The 84SMA in 15mins or 21SMA in 1hr chart.

That’s it!!

There are many other ways that we use to trade this Episode. But, I think the above

explaination will be enough for now. I hope this will enhanced your other SRDC trades.


//**Should any skeptics think unhighly of this Episode or the whole of SRDC methods

taught here, I suggest you save you opinion somewhere else. Take your Negativity and

pour it out to your spouse. Don’t do it in this thread because we are not interested in your

stupid opinion based on your demo and small live account with experience younger than

my 14 year old eldest child!!

I say this early as I hate Negativity 100%. Im teaching and sharing here for FREE. Im not

on trial here, YOU ARE!! So, drop your ego and start learning while im still doing it


Liabilities? You click that trade yourself, so liabilities are up to you, not me, and its not

even your mother in Law’s fault.

Other than that. I look forward to your success and happiness in Forex trading using the

SRDC way.

Love You Guys/Gals!!

Happy Pipping!!



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