28# 4H Strategy: RSX and Murrey Math Trading System

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Use it with GBPJPY, USDCHF and GBPUSD. With the other pairs it's not well performing.

use these indicators:

-5 SMA
- 50 EMA
- Murrey Math Levels
- MA of RSX
- Final Draft 3 Semafor Alert

5 SMA and 50 EMA are used only to spot support/resistance levels where we can have a change in the trend. RSX is used to identify overbought/oversold situations (using 80 levels). The same fo Final Draft 3 Semafor Alert.

In the picture 4H Strategy: RSX and Murrey Math forex system in action.

The used timeframe is 4H. Beware of other timeframes, because they are not well performing.
When you have an overbought/oversold situation with RSX, a signal from Final Draft 3 look for the nearest Murrey Math Level to go short/long.

4h Strategy Murrey Math and RSX

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4h Strategy Murrey Math and RSX
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