8# Fibonacci Fan Trading System

Fibonacci Trading System

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Time Frame H1 or higher.



This trading system is based on the “Fibonacci Fan” to identify

trades that have a relatively small target.

The Fibonacci Fan” produces 3 lines set at the main Fibonacci retracement numbers, 38.2%, 50.0%, and 61.8%.More often than not the main support line on the “Fibonacci Fan” is the 61.8%. Knowing this fact opens the door to our trading system.

When the price breaks the 38.2% line we can assume that it`s at least going to the 61.8% line. This is a small target but it is achieved with regularity.


In the pictures Fibonacci Fan forex system in action.

Fibonacci Fan Long Entry
Fibonacci Fan Long Entry
Fibonacci Fan Lon Entry
Fibonacci Fan Lon Entry

On this example we can see entry point for a long

trade, and the price dropping a little before moving up to the

61.8% target line. This time the price did not retrace at the

61.8% line and carried on upwards.



Fibonacci Fan Short Entry
Fibonacci Fan Short Entry
Fibonacci Fan Short Entry
Fibonacci Fan Short Entry

The example clearly shows the entry point and the

target. The price did find resistance around the 61.8% line

before moving upwards.

Place Stop loss10 pips above the high or below the low of the breaks bar.


Trading System Autofibonacci Fan

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  • #1

    Morris (Monday, 01 May 2017 08:30)

    Hello, where is the Fibonacci fan in your indicators. The indicators you uploaded are totally different.

  • #2

    Vinetum (Friday, 18 May 2018 16:56)

    Thank you for for strategy Fibonacci Fan.

  • #3

    vinetum (Friday, 18 May 2018 19:49)

    To joy 22,

    Could you give us a strategy with the AutoFibonacci Fan.
    Thanks for the indicator.

  • #4

    stan (Tuesday, 06 August 2019 11:53)

    not bad, I'm going to try it

KG Fibonacci MA
KG Fibonacci MA
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Trading System Autofibonacci Fan
Trading System Autofibonacci Fan: this trading system is based on the theory of the fiboncacci fan.
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