60# Mathematical FX Forecast

Daily High/Low Forecasting Mathematical

Submit by Bob 18/09/2014

Mathematical Fx Forecast formula based of the prices of the candles: previous high,

previous low and open new candle.

Financial Market: Forex, Indicies, Commodities.

Time Frame: 5 min, 15 min, 30 min, 60 min, 240, daily, weekly and montly.


Forexcast High:

 [(Previous day high/ previous day low * 100) -100] /100*price opening next candle)] + price opening next candle

Forexcast Low:

 [(Previous day low/ previous day high * 100) -100] /100*price opening next candle)] + price opening next candle

There are three scenarios:-

1) Price of the market High or Low will be broken.

2) The price of the market will move around within High and Low;

3) The price of the market will break any one of the levels i.e either High or Low and move forward in its respective direction.

How to use

Example 17/09/2014

GBP/USD daily Time Frame

High= 1,6357

Low= 1,6247

next open= 1,6274

Forecast high= 1,6384

Forecast low = 1,6165

These forecast are two levels of the price extreme

In attach FX Mathematical forecast XLS file (Excel)

 Mathematical fx forecast
Mathematical fx forecast

Mathematica Fx forex trading

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    karan (Tuesday, 25 September 2018 14:41)

    which time frame and currency best performance???

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    which time frame best

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    Please help to explain me detail how to it work, how to do we identify the forecast? My email: loka.heng009@gmail.com Thanks!

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    George (Thursday, 13 October 2016 22:27)

    thank you for the zip file...
    p.s. download the file change the prev high and low and the formula will calculate it for you...

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    Im having issues making the math work. Please clarify the sequence of the math please! Use more () to separate each equation. thank you!

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    Pls can someone explain this clearer, my email Kel.henry6@gmail.com. Thank you

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    It is a wonderfull farmula.

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    Good formula! I will try to work on it to get more accurate results. Will keep you in touch!

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    No any Indicator, apart from from the excel spreadsheet?

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