66# Daniela forex indicator with ATR

Daily trading forex strategy

Atr and I-Daniella indicator price action strategy for daily trading.

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Daniela forex indicator with ATR is and daily strategy price action.


If today's indicator indicator ATR (2) is more than its previous value for yesterday's trading day, and the yesterday's value of the indicator ATR (2) is less than the day before yesterday its same value. And the closure of today's candle is less than its opening.

If these conditions are met, then you need to place a pending Sell Sell order below today's minimum price + the spread value of the selected Forex pair. For simplicity, these days (below which you want to place an order) will be highlighted in the graph with a red arrow.


Insurance - stop-loss place at minimum (for transactions to buy) or a maximum (for transactions for sale) of today's candle.


If the pending orders are not activated before the next day, you need to delete them!


As soon as the profit on the transaction is +50 pips, it is necessary to transfer the stop-loss to the break-even level +10 points. Further - at will: or use a trailing stop at a distance of minimum +40 - +50 points (depending on the selected currency pair) or close the deal on stop-loss (positive, well, or negative).


Also, the transaction can be closed by the opposite signal (in a few days) or at the end of the trading day.

I-daniella is an indicator that recalculates but on daily time frames there are no problems.

The advantage of this strategy action strategy is that it takes a few minutes a day.


Daniela forex indicator with ATR can also be used for trading with high / low binary options. Expiry time of the day or two daily candles.

In the pictures Daniela forex indicator with ATR in action.

Daniela forex indicator with  ATR
Daniela forex indicator with ATR

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