80# TTS Trend and S/R Trading

Support and Resistance Trading or Trend Trading

Price action with trend line or S/R

Submit by Dimitri


TTS Trend and S/R Trading is a template build for trading with two ways:

  1. trend following with price that bounces on support and resistance n the direction of the trendline trend;

  2. Price actio Long and Short positions when the price bounces on Support and resistance.


The first mode is more simple and I reccomand di following the first way.In addition, this mode can also be successfully applied to trading with high / low track options at 1 minute time frames (expiry time 5 candles) and five minutes (with five candle expiry time).

Time frame 1 min or higher.

Currency pairs:any.


Metatrader 4 indicators:

Trend line defaul setting;

TTS defaul setting.


Trading rules TTS Trend and S/R Trading

1° way Trend following: trades only in the direction of the trend defined by trend line.

Buy or Call

Trend line up trend.

TTS buy arrow (aggressive mode);

TTS buy arrow that bounces on Support.


Sell or Put

Trend line down trend.

TTS sell arrow (aggressive mode);

TTS sell arrow that bounces on resistance.


Exit position

Place initial stop loss below/above support and resistance lines.

Profit target ratio stop loss 1:1 or before the next level of support or resistance.


Note: this trading strategy is not suitable for beginners but for those who have little experience with trading with support and resistance and want to improve.


The system sucks enough ram, you need a last generation PC.

In the pictures TTS Trend and S/R Trading in action.

TTS Trend and S/R Trading
TTS Trend and S/R Trading
TTS Trend and S/R Trading
TTS Trend and S/R Trading
TTS Trend and S/R Trading
TTS Trend and S/R Trading
TTS Trend and S/R Trading
TTS Trend and S/R Trading
TTS Trend and SR Trading.rar
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