14# DemarK System Trading System

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This is Tom Demark points and trend lines. It is predictive indicator and seems to be a trading system.Demark trading system. The settings are the following:
- Commen, if true we will see the comments in the up left side of the chart;
- TD, if true we will see the TD points;
- TrendLine, if true we will see the Trend lines;
- HorizontLine, of true we will see the current value of TD lines by horizontal line in the chart;

- ShowingSteps, value is from 1 to 3. It is predictive steps. Try change this value from 0 to 2 or 3 and see what that is (how many TD lines should be simulteniously on the chart);
TakeProf, if true we will see the Targets;
BackSteps, changing all the lines and points on the step back (value=bar);
FractalAsTD, if true we will see the Williams fractals instead of TD points.


In the pictures DemarK System forex system in action.

Indi-TD-De Mark-3-1
Indi-TD-De Mark-3-1: This indicator draw autotrendline on the chart.
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