27# Options Strategy Trading System

Submit by Janus Trader (written Sam Seiden) 16/01/2012


There are literally hundreds of options strategies, many more if you include the vast

array of complex strategy combinations. Why so many? Simple, it’s because most

options speculators can’t figure out price direction. Instead, they rely on complex

option strategies and a variety of standard pricing models that don’t work and simply

add illusion to a constant simple reality of all markets: supply (resistance) and demand




When you filter out illusion and replace it with pure supply and demand analysis in options trading, you not only simplify the useless complexity of options, you discover endless low risk-high reward opportunity based on a set of objective rules. This opportunity is one in which the reality-based options speculator simply derives his or her profit from the illusion- or emotion-based options speculator.

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In the pictures Options Strategy forex system in action.

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