330# Jma StarLight and SmHull Multitimeframe Trading System

JMA StarLight trading method

Submit by Joy22 01/04/2012


Time Frame H1.

currency pairs:any.


on the 1 hr and daily chart, place a Jma Star Light (5,5), 27 SMHull. Add a and MACD.

Pivot Indicator only H1 chart.

Entries and Exits
The Daily chart is used as a directional filter. when the 5 Jma Star light is above the 27 SMHull, then only seek Long trades, when the (5.5) Jma Star Light is below the 27 SMHull, only seek Short trades.
On the 1hr Chart watch for a crossover of the Jma over the SMHull (in the direction of the daily filter).

MACD EMA confirmed trade. For Buy MACD>EMA, for sell MACD<EMA

Stop Loss at the previous trough in a long, Peek in a short.

Profit Targeton the Pivot levels or when Jma Star Light cross in opposite direction SMHull.

H1 Chart
H1 Chart

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