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25# ADX, Awesome and Stocastic Histogram Forex Trading System

Trading with oscillators

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This system trades on all pairs, and on all time frames (except 1M). The best time frame is 30M, 1H or 4H. Before you make the trades, always make sure you check if your trade is consistent with bigger market trend. For example, if you want to place a long trade on a 15M chart, make sure you check if the trend in 1H or 4H is UP, and so on. This system uses 3 indicators ADX, AO and Stochs Histogram. And the entry/exit rules are very simple as follows:

Long Entry :


Awesome Oscillator is GREEN


Stochastic Histogram oscillator is GREEN


ADX Oscillator is Green AND above the 15 line.

Short Entry:


Awesome Oscillator is RED


Stochastic Histogram is RED


ADX Indicator is RED AND above the 15 line.



 - Reverse signals appear. For example, if you enter a long trade, a reverse signal appears when 2 among 3 indicators turn red. And opposite for short trade.

- Price action. For example, you use support/resistance trendlineFibonnaci levels etc;

- Profit Target;

-Trailing Stop.


In the picture below ADX, Awesome and Stocastic Histogram Forex Trading System in action.


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    Alexander01 (Wednesday, 30 October 2019 01:03)

    Bulletproof strategy! Used 0.5 Lot with 600€ Account and i am now at 1480€ after a week. Used it while im on holiday from my job. It seems i can finally quit the 9 to 5 life!!! So happy!

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