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SHI channelswhich automatically recalculate in real time gives us the direction we are going to trade. If slope is down we are only looking to sell, if slope is up we are only looking to buy.

If  the channel is thin (narrow) we dont trade .

If price falls outside the channel we dont trade(unless in a trade already)  we wait for a new channel to form.


Remembering we ONLY trade in the given direction of the slope of the SHI channel!!

The first indicator is normally I_trend(red crossing to top - sell , green crossing to top - buy).

The second is La Guerre. When the La Guerre line crosses down through .75 line (top line) look to sell. When the line crosses up thru .15 line (bottom line) look to buy. If Juice is still green leave trade to opposite side of channel if it is red then exit trade whenLaGuerreline reaches its Mid line (.45).

Perkyasctrend1is for the weary and the last indicator to normally show Pink dot sell blue dot buy. This indicator is not necessary for advanced traders.

Safety stops I use are 15 pips.



This last but not least indicator is calledJuice. Never enter a trade when histogram is red if all other indicators line up this is the last check and the histogram should be green.


Trading System
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