48# Trend 2 Trading System

Trend Momentum forex strategy based on Stochastic and MACD

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Trend2 is a forex strategy based on trend indicators with Stochastic indicator and MACD indicator.

Time Frame 5 or higher.



Metatrader Indicators:

Indicator 01,

Indicator 02,

Stocastich histogram (14,5,5),



Long Entry:

When arrow buy is confirmed by MACD>0 and Stocastich>0.


Short Entry:

When arrow buy is confirmed by MACD<0 and Stocastich<0.



When reversal arrow signal

Stop Loss : Set SL at the lower or higher bar entry;

Trailing Stop;
Take Profit : Watch Daily for 10-20 pips per pair on 15 mins timeframe chart.



see pictures below:Trend 2 in action.

Trading System
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