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76# Join the dot Forex Trading System

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Time Frame:H4 chart

Pairs: any pair,


Long Trades

When Mega Trend and Trend Histo are both blue, trade any Red dot that appears as soon as the dot appears, do not wait for the end of the candle.

Short Trades[/b]


When MegaTrend and Trend Histo are both Red, trade any Blue dot that appears as soon as the dot appears, do not wait for the end of the candle.

SL is usually 21 or 34, but I vary this depending on my perception of trend strength.


Float is on the chart purely as a visual confirmation, it has a fairly decent ability to pick final Highs and Lows, which helps when I want to load a trade with a few more lots than normal.


This is the basis of the system, please don't fire questions at me about trade management and closing of trades, I do not have the answers, I close on what I see, all I can tell you is that I almost never close the entire trade, but if Trend Histo changes to Yellow, I usually close out half the position and allow the balance to trail with a fixed TS.

The value of the TS is normally anything from 34 to 144 and based purely my perception of the strength of the trend.

Picture added.

All Indicators used on the chart are posted in this post with the exception of "Magnified Market Price" which is just a visual aid and zigzag_pointerV2 which is purely there to show me any repainting that may occur from Swing_ZZ.

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Trading System
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