138# Composite Index Strategy

Cripto trading

Momentum Super Strategy with Composite Index and RSI

Submit by Janus Trader


Composite Index Strategy is an momentum price action strategy based on a combination of support and resistance levels with the overbought and oversold levels of the Relative Strength Index and the Composite Index. The Composite Index in this trading strategy is also the final entry timing.

The main feature of the Composite Index is to represent the momentum with clear operating signals. So when the RSI enters an overbought or oversold zone, the crossing of the Composite Index with its moving averages in the opposite direction represents a good trading signal, then, framing this symbiosis of the oscillator momentum with the action of the price on supports and resistances you get a very interesting and winning trading logic, which is also well suited to trading with crypto currencies.

Time Frame: Forex, Commodities and Stocks H1, H4 and daily., - Cripto Currencies: H4 and daily.

Metatrader 4 indicators:

Support and Resistence levels with count of verified levels.

Composite Index: RSI Slow (13), RSI fast (3), Momentum (9), SMA 1 (3), SMA 1 (13), SMA 1 (33).

Relative Strength Index (14 period, close).

Better bollinger Bands, but also normal bands are good (period 20, deviation 2.0).


Trading Rules Composite Index Strategy


Price bounces on the support.

Price at the minimum of the Bollinger Bands.

RSI has an peaks low and the value is near or below 30.

Composite Index has an peaks and after crosess upward the moving averages (this is the timin for entry in the market).


Price bounces on the resistance.

Price at the maximum of the Bollinger Bands.

RSI has an peaks high and the value is near or above 70.

Composite Index has an peaks and after crosess downward the moving averages (this is the timing for entry in the market).

Exit position options:

Place initial stop loss n°.. pips above the support or below resistance, depends by pairs and time frame.

Exit position before the next support or resistance, or, with ratio 1.18 initial stop loss.


In the pictures below Composite Index Strategy in action.

Composite Index  Strategy
Composite Index Strategy
Composite Index  Strategy
Composite Index Strategy
Composite Index  Strategy
Composite Index Strategy
Composite Index  Strategy
Composite Index Strategy
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