142# Alex Forex Strategy

Classic Trend Momentum strategy that make money

Fx Sniper Erdogodic trading

Submit by Dimitri (Written by Alex Forex Russian Trader)


Alex Forex Strategy is a classic trend momentum strategy based u n momentum indicators and crossover of two fast moving averages.

Time frame 15 min or higher day trading and swimng trading.

Currency pairs: The system performed well on all the currency pairs I tried, but I myself. I prefer to trade in pounds, euros and pounds.


Trading time: I recommend trading with Alex Forex during the European and The American session, that is, somewhere from 9 a.m. to 22 p.m. Moscow time (for day trading)

Indicators setting:

1. Stochastic (Stochastic) with parameters 14/7/3.

2. RSI (RSI) with parameter 8 and 8 ema on it

3. FX Snipers Ergodic CCI & Trigger. This indicator is in the archive

4. on the chart itself we throw 5 ema and 8 sma


1. Copy the indicator FX_Sniper's_Ergodic_CCI_Trigger to the folder

/ Metatrader / experts / indicators

2. Copy the AlFX template to the / Metatrader / templates folder


3. Open Metatrader, select the TF for 30 minutes and apply the AlFX template to the chart.

Now everything is ready to start making money!

Trading rules

Entrance to the trades: all three indicators are directed in one direction and 5 ema crosses 8 sma from the bottom up, then this is a buy signal from the next candle and vice versa, when 5 ema crosses 8 sma from top to bottom, then this is a sell signal with the next candle. Example:

Alex Forex Strategy
Alex Forex Strategy

Exit from the transaction: carried out when Stochastic, RSI and FX Sniper intersect in the opposite

direction, it can be seen from the picture ..

Stop Loss: I recommend setting a stop loss of 30 points, although with my system you will completely forget

about him.

This system is simply unbelievable, the signal accuracy is about 85%, and it shows very clearly

the beginning of any new trend !!


Here are a couple of other great examples of how Alex Forex work.

Alex Forex Strategy
Alex Forex Strategy
Alex Forex Strategy
Alex Forex Strategy
Alex Forex Strategy
Alex Forex Strategy

Telegram channel: https://t.me/freeforexresources

Alex Forex Strategy
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