32# Accelerator, Awesome and Stochastic Forex Trading System

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1. Open any 4 Hr Candle Stick chart.
2. Setup 
Bill Williams Awesome Oscillator (AO) with Default values
3. Setup 
Bill Williams Accelerator Oscillator (AC) with Default values.
4. Setup 
Stochastic on top of AC with setting 8, 3, 3. See attached template file.

Long Entry:
stochastic %K and %D crosses above 20 , wait that AC and AO turn green.


Short Entry: 
When stochastic %K and %D crosses above or below 80, wait that AC and AO turn Red.

1. Don’t exit if Stochastic crosses under 80 and 20. Wait for it to cross 0 line of AC and then exit. This is important if you want to catch big moves. For ex. 100 – 800 pips moves.


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