88# FX5 Divergence Trading System

Divergence Trading Method

Submit by James 19/03/2013


Time Frame H1

Currency pairs:any





FX5 Divergence;

Pivot Indicator optional.

The system uses two main indicators to identify major trend’s direction.



First indicator: Simple Moving Average ( 9 SMA and 100 SMA )

How to read this indicator and identify the trend?

9 SMA ( Blue Line ) Above 100 SMA ( Red Line ) = Up Trend

100 SMA ( Red Line ) Above 9 SMA ( Blue Line ) = Down Trend

Second indicator used with this system is FX5 Divergence (OSMA setting Period : 12, 26, 9, ) 

FX5 Divergence :

Red Bar Below 0 line, After Down Arrow = SELL Signal

Blue Bar Above 0 line, After Up Arrow = BUY Signal


In the pictures below FX5 Divergence Trading System in action.

FX5 Divergence Trading System
FX5 Divergence Trading System

Short Entry

Down Trend Signal 9SMA<100SMA;

FX5 Divergence sell signal.

Long Entry

UP Trend Signal 9SMA>100SMA;

FX5 Divergence Buy signal.


Exit Position

  1. Pivot levels (optinal exit)

  2. Profit Target 18-25 pips

  3. Stop loss on the previous swing

Fx5 Divergence Trading System
Fx5 Divergence Trading System
Fx5 Divergence Trading System
Fx5 Divergence Trading System

Auto Pivot

Divergence FX5

Fx5 divergence Trading System Template

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Auto Pivot
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Divergence Trading System