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121# Easy profit

QQE ADV , Arrows and Curves, Stochastic Buy and Sell trading.

Submit by H.S. 05/2017

Easy profit Strategy is a trend momentum intraday strategy based on 1 arrows & curves, 
stochastic buy/sell and QQE ADV indicators.This strategy is simple and clear.
Time Frame 1 min or higher. Currency pairs: majors with low spreads. This strategy works well even at high time frames.
Metatrader 4 indicators
1 arrows & curves 80;
Stochastic_Buy_Sell_Arrows 12,8,8;
QQE ADV 7,7 ;QQE ADV is Quantitative Qualitative Estimation, is based on a rather complex 
calculation of the smoothed RSI indicators.
ServerTime; Summary; indicator. Trading Rules Easy profit trading Buy Arrow buy of 1 arrows & curves by Stochastic_Buy_Sell_Arrows QQE ADV line go to upward Sell Arrow buy of 1 arrows & curves by Stochastic_Buy_Sell_Arrows QQE ADV line go to downward. Stop lose QQE ADV 34 level , for buy and 66 for sell; Make profit with predeterminated profit target or at the next opposite arrow. In the pictures we have examples for buy and Sell. In first picture we have four buy signal
with close position at the opposite stochastic arrow. In second picture we have three
Sell signal. All the examples of trades in the pictures are winnig.
This is a winner strategy.
In the pictures Easy profit profit in action.
Easy Profit
Easy Profit
Easy Profit
Easy Profit

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