139# Channel RSI Strategy

Rsioma sa filter

Strength Momentum Strategy

Submit by Maximo Trader


Channel RSI Strategy is am pure Strhgth Momentum Strategy based on RSI as timing of entries and fast moving averages but again with Rsioma (RSI smoothed as filter.) It seems like a play on words, but this strategy is very reliable for fast trades.

ime Frame 5 min or higher.

Currency pairs major, minor, indexes and commodities.

Platform: Metatrader 4.

Indicator MT4 setting

Moving Average 14 period, smoothed, close.

Moving average 5 period smoothed, close.

Channel RSI (RSI period 2, T3 period 3, high/low period 9)

Rsioma 9 period, close

The use of the Rsioma as a filter is optional but is recommended.

Tendentially, the signals generated by this system have good precision.

Trading rules Channel RSI Strategy


5 moving averge above 14 moving average.

Arrow buy of channel RSI.

Rsioma crosses upward.


5 moving averge below 14 moving average.

Arrow sell of channel RSI.

Rsioma crosses downward.

Exit position

Exit from the position is fast with targets that have a ratio from 0.5 to 1: 1 stop loss, which should ensure an empty profitability of over 65 %, as is easy to verify because the indicators do not recalculate when the metatrader is restarted.

Stop loss is the same of the profit target. As stop loss you can take as a reference the length of the candle of the signal or just the bodi but you have to evaluate each time in relation to the length of the candle.


In the pictures Channel RSI Strategy in action.

Channel RSI Strategy
Channel RSI Strategy
Channel RSI Strategy
Channel RSI Strategy
Channel RSI Strategy
Channel RSI Strategy
Channel RSI Strategy
Channel RSI Strategy

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Channel RSI Strategy
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