59# OZ FX Trading System

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  • Open up a daily or 4H chart, curency pairs any.

  • Apply Bill Willam’s Accelerator Oscillator (AC).

  • Apply Stochastic with setting 5,3,3 on top of AC. Use the template if don’t know how to.

Short Entry: RED AC below 0 and Stot below 0
Long Entry: Green AC above 0 and Stot above 0
Exit: OppsiteBuy/Sell signal or as per Money Management.
Filter: Apply 200SMA. If price is below 200SMA then only take short trades. If Price is above 200SMA then only take long trades.

Money Management:

  • Trade with 5 Lots with Stop Loss 100 pips away

  • Take Profit on 1st Lot at 50 pips. Move Stop Loss to Break Even (BE).

  • Take Profit on 2nd Lot at 100 pips.

  • Take Profit on 3rd Lot at 150 pips.

  • Take Profit on 4th Lot at 200 pips.

  • Let the 5th Lot run until you see an opposite entry signal.

The Risk/Reward ratio turns out to be 1:1 or better depending on your 5th Lot. Since we trade on daily and would only take  trades with high probability of success, 1:1 would work just fine.


In the pictures below OZ FX Trading System in action.

OzFx Forex System
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OZFX Trading

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    Legrand (Wednesday, 03 March 2021 21:11)

    Great. Very very good strategy.

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