78# Nobrainer Trading System

Submit by Janus Trader (Written by wynner from ) 20/02/2012


Here is the system :

Things you need:
1) Daily Chart on GBP/USD
2) 4 hours Chart on GBP/USD
3) Slow Stochatics (13,5,5) on both charts
4) EMA 4, EMA13, EMA50 on the 4 hours chart


Look at 4 hours chart
When the EMA4 first cross the EMA50 follow by EMA13 cross the EMA50, with a new open candle, place your entry with a stop loss of 50pips.
Exit :
When EMA4 reverse and cross the EMA13 on the next open candle.

They call this the NoBrainersTrade but Vynner has modified a few things and add in a really good filter base on the daily charts with slow stochastics.

For Filter look at Daily chart
Valid Long Entry:
Slow %K above Slow %D on the Daily Chart
Valid Short Entry:
Slow %D above Slow %K on the Daily Chart

"Very simple method but yet powerful. It works on other pairs too but I found this work best on GBP/USD" --


In the pictures below Nobrainer Trading System in action.

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