The Daily candle is currently at the Median. It's decision time for the trend to continue or

reverse. The best way to confirm the direction of the trend is to look at the 1Hr chart.

There you will see the 1Hour candle just below the Median.

Lets wait for it for the next candle to form:

-When it forms under the Median, it’s a sign that it’s a bearish trend

-When it is formed over the median, it’s a sign that it will be bullish.)

-When it’s formed and touches the Median, wait, it’s still indecision.



Right on! Get ready and anticipate. The 1 hour chart gives you the short-term candle

trend movement and the Daily the ultimate and real trend.

When you don’t feel comfortable with the channel size, stay sidelined for the time being

or activate SRDC level 1 strategy. Either way, you make PIPS.



In the pictures SRDC Method Level II forex system in action.

The BLUE CHANNEL is a new channel drawn after a few months on Daily chart. But,

the old position of the BLUE CHANNEL is the BALCK DOTTED LINE.

Look at the Rectangle

The Black Bearish candle, 19th APR is on the edge of the Lower Channel line. Below

The Black Candle, the CCI shows a Bearish Trend.

I waited to see where the 20th candle is moving. I check my 1HR and it’s going towards

Don’t forget: The true trend is the daily chart. The 1 hour chart shows the daily

movement contained in a 1 day. We use the 1 hour to catch the dip and bounce

of the daily trend.

Look at the movement of the H1 candle. It’s dancing along the High, Median, Low,

Median... just as expected.

Look at the candles, always dancing with the trend. Normally price settles at the median

almost every end of the day. That’s a very powerful piece of Jedi Information. One that

can get you to the next Milky Way!

Never trade at the Median, That’s TP. Wait until it touches the Top or Bottom Channel

line, then reverse the trade!



Median after a dip:

- When the CCI crosses and confirms a trend change (Blue top of Red)

- And the H1 Channel shows the same, confirming a bounce from the Low Channel.

- Then: Enter long and assign:

T1 = Yesterday's Open (70%)

T2 = Yesterday's High (20%)

T3 = The Median of Daily Channel (10%)

This is a total of almost 200pips. I could have done 230pips, but gave away 30pips for

CCI confirmation.

Many asked me how can I do 300-500pips a day, consistently? This is one of the methods

I'm using. Its not rocket science, but we learn to read what the big boys are thinking, and

we anticipate their move!

Learn it, and soon you will find out, it’s no big deal.


Targets on SRDC and SRDC LI II


Piping the Daily Chart

The RED is sell, BLUE buy and GREEN is TP.


FX Sniper's Ergodic CCI Trigger (SRDC).r
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