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6 Round tops and bottoms are for sure. Just

be careful when within the first zone

0.0000 to 0.0015 above or below the zero.

I like the rounding to be formed over at

least 5 bars


MACD Pattern
MACD Pattern

Up to now I have only concentrated to give the signal on the MACD window so that

you will be able to recognize it. It is easy to see the formation after it has formed. It

takes a bit of practice to recognize it while it is forming. Lets look at a couple just to

see how they look when the trade is entered


Let us look at the graph above. See how price levels play a roll in the support and

resistance of the price movement. Say we entered the trade at Entry above. Our first

profit target will be around our fast moving averages (8EMA and 21EMA). Our

second profit target will be around the slow moving averages(89SMA and365EMA).

Our third profit target will be at price level 1.2100 etc etc etc.

This is how you plan your trade in advance to take partial profits till you complete the

trade. Should there be a moving average or price level nearby and below your entry

level you must take note that the price might go and test them. So your stoploss must

be aware of that.

Again I ask you to study the movement of the price around the moving averages.

When the price are above the 89SMA the trend is normally up and visa versa.

After the price crosses the 89SMA it tends to pullback to the 21EMA before it carry on its

direction if it is a trend direction change otherwise it tend to test the 89SMA again and

then it runs over and across the 89SMA till it finds direction and then it pulls back to

the 21EMA before proceeding on its path.


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