773# TMA Centered Asymmetric Bands Trading

Trend and reversal trading

Great repaint for trading

thank Mladen Rakic for the code he develops.

We would like to thank Alorente for an in-depth study of the Fast TMA Bands



The use of bands based on triangular moving averages has been the subject of my studies during this period. The Centered TMA bands are a trend indicator and so should be interpreted, when the price goes out of the bands there is a good chance that the price will reverse. It is carefully observed that centered TMAs always recalculate bandwidths. On this topic an interesting application based on FastTMA in multitime frames was proposed by Lorente on the Forex Factory Forum with fairly important documentation.


Here we propose a trading based on an indicator developed by Madlen Rakic that attracted my interest TMA Centered Asymmetric Bands.

In order to evaluate the TMA Centered Asymmetric Bands I compared them on different types of graphs (renko, range and bar chart) with Fast TMA, TMA cg nrp and tma cg (Mladen 'indicators). The result of this research that I do not show here for obvious reasons was that the TMA Centered Asymmetric Bands are the most stable indicator in the sense that they repaint less, so it is easier to manage and you can set up interesting trading strategies based on this indicator.


The operational use that can be done with these bands is varied so I do not propose a strategy at the moment but I can say that it is also interesting to use them with Renko or Range bars. With these two types of graphs some arrow disappears sometimes but it can also be a good signal, so do not worry about it.

 TMA Centered Asymmetric Bands with renko
TMA Centered Asymmetric Bands with renko
 TMA Centered Asymmetric Bands with range bars
TMA Centered Asymmetric Bands with range bars
 TMA Centered Asymmetric Bands with renko
TMA Centered Asymmetric Bands with renko

Experimental setup TMA Centered Asymmetric Bands for renko 14-21-28- 30. period range bars 14-21-28-30-34.

The operational signals on these types of graphics are very clean as seen from the images. On the Renko and Range bars charts the box setting in relation to the period of the TMA bands must be calibrated for each Currency pairs.


Simplified Lorente strategy with TMA Centered Asymmetric Bands Trading for intraday trading.


Simplified because the TMA Centered Asymmetric Bands are more stable than the fast TMAs. The trading rules are very simple with or without the TMA slope direction filter. which however can be added.

Alorente: "Ranging TMA (Slope between -0.30 to 0.30): Trades can be placed in both directions.

Buy Only TMA (Slope higher than 0.30): Place ONLY BUY trades.

Sell Only TMA (Slope lower than -0.30): Place ONLY SELL trades.

H4, D1, W1 slope values must be either Ranging or higher for Buys or Ranging or lower for Sells.


2- Wait for price above the top band of the H4 TMA, before placing a SELL trade or the bottom band of the H4 TMA, before placing a Buy trade. "


Safest Exit: Close the trade when you reach the H4 TMA center line.

Standard Exit: Close the trade when the exit is closed. TMA band or set to tight trailing stop (10 pips) until stopped out. "


In this strategy, TMA Centered Asymmetric Bands are used at 15 and 240 min for intraday trading.

If the indicator does not appear on the chart, fill in the indicator twice in the editor, because it is a bag of Metatrader 4.

TMA Centered Asymmetric Bands
TMA Centered Asymmetric Bands
TMA Centered Asymmetric Bands
TMA Centered Asymmetric Bands

Share your opinion, can help everyone to understand the forex strategy.

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    Igor (Sunday, 27 January 2019 16:48)

    But they are excellent for analyzing the trend.

  • #2

    PasserBy (Monday, 07 January 2019 05:28)

    Centered TMA always repaints last Period bars as was explained by Mladen. It looks nice but cannot be used for trading.

  • #1

    Sergey (Saturday, 08 December 2018 11:38)

    Greaat Joy22. Thanks for the share.
    Thanks at Lorente and Madlen
    This indicator is phenomenal. I can not wait to experiment.

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TMA Centered Asymmetric Bands
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