777# 50 pips a trade

TMA Slope as filter

4H time frame trend following strategy

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50 pips a trade is a trend following strategy setting for trading at 4H time frame. This forex strategy is based on Bollinger Bands Stop, Traders Dynamic Index and TMA Slope as filter. The point pivot levels are used as a filter or as market price extremes as a reversal strategy.

Being a trend following strategy, we recommend following the daily and weekly trends. Therefore the temple is applied to currencies that are trending daily or weekly time frames. This way of trading in multitime frames is recommended but is optional because the system is equipped with indicators that filter the trades. The advice is to try both ways of trading and proceed with the one that best suits your style.


Time Frame 4H

Pairs: majors and minors


Metatrader Indicators:

Weekly pivots

Montly pivots

Mid montly pivots

TMA Slope with filter < – 0.4 for sell and >0.4 for buy.

TDI with alert

Bollinger Bands filtered 7 period.


Trading Rules


Bollinger Bands buy alert.

TDI green line above yellow line.

TMA Slope above 0.4.

Profit Target 30-60 pips depends by pairs or at the levels pivot,

Stop loss 30-50 pips.



Bollinger Bands sell alert.

TDI green line below yellow line.

TMA Slope below -0.4.

Profit Target 30-60 pips depends by pairs or at the levels pivot,


Stop loss 30-50 pips.

Note, always remember that the weekly and monthly pivot levels are like gravitational centers that attract the price. If you look at the charts, the weekly and monthly pivot levels in trend are often affected by the price.

In the pictures 50 pips a trade in action.

50 pips a trade
50 pips a trade
50 pips a trade
50 pips a trade
50 pips a trade
50 pips a trade
50 pips a trade
50 pips a trade
50 pips a trade
50 pips a trade

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50 pips a trade
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