827# TMA Centered End Point

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Trend Action Strategy

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TMA Centered End Point is a TMA that not recalculates and in this case it is used as a trend arrow filter. Arrow momentum, breakout or reversal can also be used. In this case it is possible to appreciate the ability to filter the signals of the triangular moving average. In this case it has a standard setting but can be calibrated for any time frame and currency cup. This template is just an input but it still seems to give positive results. Also I have added an optional momentum filter.

Time Frame 5 min or higher.

The entry timing arrow setting is slow.

Currency pairs: any.

Metatrader 4 Indicators

Main chart

Renko Scalp SM,

Zig Zag arrow (60, 5, 3),

TMA Centered End Point (period 240, deviation period 2.0 and period 3.0),

Trend Navigator

In sub window

Trend Flex

Trading rules TMA Centered End Point


Zig zag buy arrow below the channel,

TMA Centered End Point green line,

Trend Navigator buy arrow

Trend flex crosses upward (optional).


Zig zag sell arrow above the channel,

TMA Centered End Point red line,

Trend Navigator buy arrow

Trend Flex crosses downward (optional).

Exit position options:

Place initial stop loss on the previous swing high/low.

Profit Target at the opposite arrow, opposite highe or lower band, ratio stop loss minimum ratio 1:1.

Closing at the opposite arrow is not recommended.

Do not enter if the entry timing bar closes near or exceeds the last lower or upper band.


In the pictures TMA Centered End Point in action.

TMA Centered End Point with Trend Navigator
TMA Centered End Point with Trend Navigator
TMA Centered End Point with Trend Navigator
TMA Centered End Point with Trend Navigator
TMA Centered End Point with Trend Navigator
TMA Centered End Point with Trend Navigator
TMA Centered End Point with Trend Navigator
TMA Centered End Point with Trend Navigator

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