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Unitrend noise and Unitrend Quality are indicators produced in 2015 by the Trend Laboratory team and are an attempt to filter the trend of a historical series such as those of currencies and others by the noise created by representing the historical series with bar charts or candles.


Here two Unitrend noise balance and Unitrend quality templates are proposed with the MACD and are based on the following indicators: Unitrend Noise balance and Unitrend Quality.

Time Frame 5 min or higher

Minor and major currency pairs, stock indices and commodities.


Metatrader Indicators

Unitrend Noise Balance Mq4

Unitrend noise balance is divided into

three zones

> 40 <65 we <ak trend.

> 65 <80 moderate trends.

> 80 <100 strong trends

Unitrend quality with MACD mq4


Unitrend Noise Balance Mq4 trading rules


Buy when the indicator is above 40 level and there is green bar.




Sell when the indicator is above 40 level and there is green bar.

Unitrend Noise Balance Mq4
Unitrend Noise Balance Mq4
Unitrend Noise Balance Mq4
Unitrend Noise Balance Mq4

Unitrend Quality with MACD

I proposed a more aggressive model that you will find in the folder along with the original model that seemed a little slow to me.

Setting Unitrend Quality with MACD ( 9, 5,1,3, 250, 2.0, 1, 1 , 2, 0.5, 1,2,5,


Histogram above zaro level and above blue line.




Histogram below zero level and below blue line.

Unitrend Quality with MACD
Unitrend Quality with MACD
Unitrend Quality with MACD
Unitrend Quality with MACD



The models proposed by Trend Laboratory for filtering noise are very interesting and can also be used in other systems or alone. I think they can relatively filter the noise and can lead to good results if configured well. Congratulations to Trend Laboratory for these indicators.

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UniTrendNoise Balance and Quaòlity
UniTrendNoise Balance and Quaòlity
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