812# Bams-Bung Trading System

An legendary trading system

Scam or reality?

Submit by Maximo Trader


Bams-Bung Trading System it is a strategy on which there is an aura of mystery there are about twenty versions online that are constantly renewed, but most repaint, at the end of a research in which I have verified many versions public two versions that have the same indicator of base that does not seem to be repainted in real time. But like some indicators,

when the metatrader is restarted, some signals reposition themselves, but by doing the back test you realize that in real time it does not repaint, to enter the position you have to wait for the bar to close.

The difference between the two versions is the interpretation of the indicator.


Both enter the trend. I focused on the first one which should be the most recent one and I also made some small changes.

Bams-Bung Trading System
Bams-Bung Trading System
Bams-Bung Trading System
Bams-Bung Trading System

Back test analysis

The test shows a coherent compotation of the indicator. from which it can be deduced that the best method to filter the signals is the trend following, the price action with suppport and resistance or both together.

Metarader 4 Indicators

Bams Bung V.3

Bams Bung trend 1

Bams Bung trend 2

Option with trend following filter

Simple Moving average 50 period, close.

Simple Moving Average smoothed 5 period, close.

Trading rules Bams-Bung Trading System

This is an article that wants to give ideas for using the trading system.

My advice is to follow the trend but I take into account the supports and resistances.

The indicator is suitable for fast profits.


Bams Bung buy arrow.


green arrow below the price.


Bams Bung sell arrow.


yellow arrow above the price.

To exit the trade I recommend fast profits, profitability is high.

Bams-Bung Trading System
Bams-Bung Trading System
Bams-Bung Trading System
Bams-Bung Trading System

Below pictures second template.

Bams-Bung Trading System
Bams-Bung Trading System
Bams-Bung Trading System
Bams-Bung Trading System
Bams-Bung Trading System
Bams-Bung Trading System
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    Chakradhar (Sunday, 30 August 2020 07:01)

    Red and Green Bands are not seen in my template. What can be the issue? Please suggest. Thank You.

  • #2

    Naveen (Thursday, 20 August 2020 09:13)

    Plz parvid tarding view script

  • #1

    Nelson Pescada (Tuesday, 14 January 2020 12:22)

    indi repaints

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