790# Gain Forex Strategy

Trading System with 4 confirmations

Winning with trend trend momentum

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Gain Forex Strategy is a trading system based on the Zig Zag with four confirmations: 1st with the zig Zag White arrow (with robust setting), 2nd with a double beam of moving averages, trend filter (2 fast moving averages and 6 averages mobile lens), 3rd momentum filter composed of 2 momentum indicators (CCI trend and NFX signal). As you can see the setting of the trading system is robust, so it generates a good amount of reliable signals for our winning trading. Undoubtedly the most important filter indicator is the CCI trend which is used with an interesting setting that is not too slow or even very fast, for this feature it is the leading indicator of this system, I also note that the beast super signal it has a very solid setting and its recalculation is slowed down and the signals it provides are more stable and easily filterable. From preliminary tests this strategy is very reliable.

Time Frame 15 min or higher. Best time Frame H1 and H4.


Currency pairs: all.

Metatrader 4 Indicators

T3 Guppy (default setting 2 T3 fast and 6 T3 slow).

Beast Super Signal (60, 5, 55, 8).

Ultimate Arrow (115, 130, 80),

Price Grid line

Trend CCI (60,34,50).

NFX Signal Sto.


Trading rules Gain Forex Strategy


Ultimate Arrow buy arrow.

White arrow buy arrow.

2 T3 Fast > 6 T3 slow.

Trend CCI >0.

NFX Signal buy signal with blue bar.



Ultimate Arrow sell arrow.

White arrow sell arrow.

2 T3 Fast < 6 T3 slow.

Trend CCI < 0.

NFX Signal buy signal with white bar.


Exit options: discretionary at the levels of price grid, at the opposite signal or with ratio stop loss minimum 1:1. Initial stop loss at the previous swing hig/low.



Note: the multi time frame filter in this strategy is not necessary for this reason the strategy is simple.

In the pictures Gain Forex Strategy in action.

Gain Forex Strategy
Gain Forex Strategy
Gain Forex Strategy
Gain Forex Strategy
Gain Forex Strategy
Gain Forex Strategy
Gain Forex Strategy
Gain Forex Strategy

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Gain Forex Strategy
Gain Forex Strategy
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