828# Forex Signals Elite

Forex Signals filtered

Dynamic Support and Resistance as Target

Submit by Lorenz

Forex Signals Elite are the trading signal generate by a custom indicator (Forex Scanner Quantum Elite) filtered by Trading Lab Filter. These signals are already filtered but I wanted to improve profitability and I think I have succeeded and I agree, so you too can appreciate.


The profitability of these signals with the template I created has increased and it is evident.

Time frame 15 min or higher. Best Time frame H1.

Currency pairs: All.

Metatrader 4 Indicators:

Vwap Bands

TMA Bands

Moving average 13 periods, close.

Forex Quantum elite signals.

Trading Lab Filter period 4.

Trading rules Forex Signals Elite


Forex Quantum elite signals buy arrow

Trading Lab Filter white histogram above moving average.


Forex Quantum elite signals sell arrow

Trading Lab Filter black histogram above moving average.

Exit position

Initial stop loss below/above the previous swing high/low.

Profit Target at the levels of the bands if the market is flat or if there is a medium trend, If instead there is a trend profit target ratio stop loss 1.15.

Note If the signal coincides with the histogram of the filter on the next bar, it can also be entered provided that it is in trend.

If you still want to increase profitability you can use a fast targe with a 1: 1 stop loss ratio. 

In thje pictures Forex Signals Elite in action.

Forex Signals Elite
Forex Signals Elite
Forex Signals Elite
Forex Signals Elite
Forex Signals Elite
Forex Signals Elite
Forex Signals Elite
Forex Signals Elite

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