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Price Action analysis, Trend analysis, Support and Resistance analysis

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Market Analyzer tool is an MT4 template both for trading and for analyzing the performance of a financial instrument from multiple aspects. The main tools of this template are the Market truth (strength indicator), ADR, the momentum update in real time of the news and the indicators of Support and resistance, then the other indicators are used to find the timing of revenue for trading , so if you want to use this tool to analyze the market they can be omitted from the template.

Time frame 15 min or higher.

Currency pair: all, Commodities and stock indexes.


Metatrader 4 Indicators

DED (div 20) *, IMAX Min Trend*, CCI Date *, DWM Pivots

3 ZZ semafor alert (18, 30, 5,3 5,3 5,3 5,3)*, 5 day breakout*,

II Super Dem Mod, Support and Resistance, Vertical line move*,

Z profit pair*, ATR Projections, News calendar, Candle coun down*

Babon slope 60 period, KPI*, daily open line* TE*, Tes*, TTL*,

Fibo Trend, CCI Zero FX 520, Market Truth B.

The indicators with an asterisk can be deleted if you want to use the template as a tool to analyze the trend of a currency, index or Commodities such as gold.


Trading rules Market Analyzer tool


Market truth indicator line green color.

at least three indicators in the lower windows with green bars

the price must rebound from a support line or support area.



Market truth indicator line red color.

at least three indicators in the lower windows with red bars

the price must rebound from a resistance line or resistance area.


Exit position

Initial stop loss below/above support or resistance lines.


Profit target 3-5 pips before the next level of Support or Resistance.

In the pictures Market Analyzer tool in action

Market Analyzer tool
Market Analyzer tool
Market Analyzer tool
Market Analyzer tool
Market Analyzer tool
Market Analyzer tool
Market Analyzer tool
Market Analyzer tool

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Market Analyzer tool
Market Analyzer tool
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