816# KX Trading System

Trend Change Strategy

Trend Reversal Strategy

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KX Change Strategy is a trend reversal strategy. the purpose of this strategy is to identify short and medium term trend changes.


KX strategy allows you to quickly and accurately determine the change in trend! This means that you will be able in time to fix and increase its profit, reduce losses and quickly change the strategy work, depending on the current market conditions.

Benefits of this strategy

Using the system and block KX4 indicators in your trading, you will be able to increase the number of profitable trades 3-5 times, and the yield increase by 7-10 times!

Indicators KX System is based on trend-momentum indicators. There is also the TMA Bands.

Time Frame 5 min or higher

KX4 trading system allows you to work on all timeframes, as well as to combine different timeframes for the best of inputs and outputs of the transactions.

Currency pairs: any.

With the help of KX4 you will be able to trade in any market and in any tool, be it currency, shares, indices, cryptocurrency or something else.

The uniqueness

You can also add a trend arrow and filter it with the Propongo Half trend system, or Arrow with alert (only for expert, aggressive).

The uniqueness of the Indicators and clear formalization of rules for entry give you 100% confidence in the decision.


KH4 easily combined with any other trading systems (candlestick patterns, volumes, levels, channels, Fibonacci, etc.).

What is the essence of the system:

KH4 system to determine at any time the general trend of price movements, allows to clearly see the possible trend reversal zone.

Several types of signals to help traders make as reliable inputs confirmation, and the earliest, when it turns to stand in the transaction immediately after a trend reversal.

Several types of signals help to uniquely identify the direction, the time and the level of entry. TS also allows you to set logical and fairly short stoploss.

Objectives and levels for closing positions are also known in the entry point, but in the future may be adjusted depending on the situation (or, as a maximum, it is possible to keep the position before the oncoming signal).

How much can you earn system

Let's count. Profitnyh number of inputs to the system over 80%.

The average ratio of profit to Loss is 8 to 1. The average profit at 40 points is equal to H1. Suppose, your deposit is $ 500.

Working lot 0.1 you will be able to double your deposit just 10-12 transactions.


In the pictures KX Trading System.

KX Trading System.
KX Trading System.
KX Trading System.
KX Trading System.
KX Trading System.
KX Trading System.
KX Trading System.
KX Trading System.

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KX trading system
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  • #2

    MugunthanKumar (Tuesday, 24 March 2020 09:24)

    I like this strategy. I am a start-up trader. I can't understand how to trade these pictures. Please explain to me. Thanks.

  • #1

    MugunthanKumar (Saturday, 21 March 2020)

    Please Tell How to Trade

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